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Flood Evacuate Immediately Notification for the Nathalia township

Effective Date: 08/03/12 12:00 PM
Expiry Date: 09/03/12 12:00 PM 

Current Situation 

EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY. This is a pre warned flood evacuation warning from the Victoria State Emergency Service for the Nathalia township. This is a pre warned evacuation for the safety of the Nathalia community.
There are several issues arising with the levees. The levee strength and ability to hold back the floodwater can no longer be guaranteed. You should calmly evacuate Nathalia immediately.
If you have your own transport.
You should leave Nathalia by the Murray Valley Highway south towards Shepparton or Echuca. 
STOP at the Police check point at Blacksmith Lane where your details will be recorded.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
There may be some low level water over the road but Police will direct you through.
If you do not have transport.
Go to the Water Tower, opposite the Police Station in the main shopping area in Blake Street. Emergency services and buses will meet you there. You can take small pets on the bus. Make sure they are in a cage or on a lead with a muzzle.
Police Registration Point on Murray Valley Highway south of Nathalia
Police are setting up a Registration Check Point 1 km south of Nathalia on the Murray Valley Highway near Blacksmiths Lane.
All vehicles must STOP at the Police check point at Blacksmith Lane where your details will be recorded.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
You are advised to leave your property immediately. Do not delay. When you leave, take important documents, photos, medicines and pets with you. Turn off your electricity and gas. Check if your neighbours need help.
For more information. Stay tuned to local radio or call the SES Flood Information line on 1300 842 737. If you need help to evacuate call the SES on 132 500.
DO NOT CALL 000 for information. Only call 000 if your emergency is life threatening call 000.
How to Evacuate 
  • Evacuate Immediately - there is a risk to lives and homes 
  • Conditions can change quickly and roads may be cut-off 
  • Raise belongings by placing them on tables, beds and benches, or move them to higher ground if still safe to do so 
  • Collect together medicines, important documents, mementos, photos and pets and take them with you when you evacuate 
  • Take three days supply of clothing and medications with you 
  • Turn off electricity and gas at the mains and lock your doors and windows when you evacuate 
Where To Go  

Relief Centres are open at: 
  • Shepparton: Kialla Park Sports Club Raftery Rd, Kialla
  • Echuca: Fontera Basketball Stadium, 244 High St, Echuca.
  • You can also go to friends or family in a safer location, but please register your details. 
You should evacuate immediately, DO NOT DELAY   

Directions and Routes 
The safest evacuation route is: 
  • Take the Murray Valley Highway south from Nathalia towards Shepparton or Echuce Relief Centres.
  • Stop at the Police roadblock at Blacksmith Lane to register your details a s you leave. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
The following transport options are available: 
  • A free bus is available to a relief centre.
  • Meet at the Water Tower in Blake St (near main shops)
  • Bring documents, medicines, photos, special needs and pets. See pet details as above.
Evacuation Assistance 
If you need assistance with evacuation call 132 500

Safety Messages 
  • Remaining in your home or business during flooding is dangerous and may put your life at risk 
  • There may be no power, water, sewerage or telephone services and you may be unable to call for help in an emergency  
  • Even if your home is raised it may become a refuge for snakes, spiders and rats 
  • Tune in to your emergency broadcasters: ABC Local Radio, commercial radio and designated community radio stations, or SKY NEWS Television 
  • Floodwaters are dangerous - never drive, walk or ride through floodwater 
  • Floodwaters are toxic - never play or swim in floodwaters 


Emergency Contacts 
  • For flood or storm emergency assistance from the SES call 132 500 
  • For life threatening emergencies call 000 
Additional Information

Road Closures: phone 131 170
Weather Warnings and River Heights: phone 1300 659 217
SES Information: phone 1300 842 737
Issued By
Victoria State Emergency Service